Tree Inspections

Jesse Milton evaluates a large Red oak

Onebark helps you know what to do.

We have a wide range of tree inspection services that fit your unique situation.  Homeowners, property managers, and municipalities trust Onebark’s Certified Arborists® to objectively assess trees and landscape issues.  


We are PEOPLE-FOCUSED.  We understand the relationship between people and trees.  We understand how a tree's health and safety affects YOU as well as the environment.  That’s why Onebark’s arborists are called upon when tough decisions need to be made.  We listen, inspect, and advise. 

What does a typical inspection entail?

Most homeowners choose to have a full property inspection.  Here is how a comprehensive tree inspection is structured:

  • Meet & Greet - know what to expect about the inspection
  • Interview - answer a few questions about your property and tree history
  • Walkthrough - show the Arborist your concerns
  • Assessment - your Arborist will examine your trees
  • Wrap up - Arborist will review key findings with you
  • Get your report - often within 20 minutes, your inspection summary will be emailed to you.  (Some reports will take up to 48 hours)

No matter what the situation, Onebark has the right tree inspection package for you!  Contact us for an affordable quote, at no obligation.

If you want to see how qualified we are, check out our Arborists here.

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