Fulton County GA Tree Ordinance

The Fulton county tree Ordinance pertains mostly to activities involving Land Disturbance and Zoning conditions.*  Homeowners can generally remove trees without a permit, unless the tree is a specimen tree.

A specimen tree in fair or better condition must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Large hardwoods - 27” diameter - Oak, hickory, yellow poplar, sweetgum, etc.
  • Large Hardwoods - 24" diameter - Beech
  • Large softwoods - 24" diameter - Pine, deodar cedar
  • Small native flowering - 10" DBH - Dogwood, redbud, sourwood

Specimen Tree - Any tree in fair or better condition and the following:

  • A life expectancy of greater than 10 years.
  • A relatively sound and solid trunk with no extensive decay or hollow, and less than 20 percent radial trunk dieback.
  • No more than one major and several minor dead limbs (hardwoods only).
  • No major insect or pathological problem.
  • A lesser sized tree can be considered a specimen if it is a rare or unusual species, of exceptional quality, or of historical significance.
  • A lesser size tree can be considered a specimen if it is specifically used by a builder, developer, or design professional as a focal point in a project or landscape.

* "The purpose of this ordinance is to cultivate and encourage a high level of tree preservation, to promote the general provisions within this ordinance, and to develop detailed provisions within the administrative guidelines in order to implement the regulations set forth to preserve, maintain, and replant trees within unincorporated Fulton County, Georgia. The intent of the Ordinance and Administrative Guidelines is to provide standards for the preservation of trees as part of the land development, building construction and timber harvest processes. It is not the intent of this ordinance to regulate individual properties where activities do not require a land disturbance, building construction or timber harvest permit."

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