Brookhaven Enforces Tree Permits

Yes, you need a permit to remove trees in the CIty of Brookhaven, GA. 

On December 19, the CIty of Brookhaven issued a press release (note that the link to the tree removal permit application is broken):

Brookhaven, GA, Dec. 19, 2013 – There has been confusion caused by recent inaccurate statements in news reports claiming that Brookhaven does not have a tree ordinance. In fact, the Brookhaven City Council adopted a tree ordinance on Dec. 17, 2012 at its first meeting.

The ordinance mirrors DeKalb County’s tree ordinance. Under the ordinance, single-family homeowners may remove up to five non-specimen trees per calendar year. Diseased, dead and insect-infested trees, as well as trees that are a danger to human lives or property, are exempt from the ordinance.

Anyone removing trees should complete an application, available at

“The ordinance is designed to help preserve and/or replace trees as more development comes to Brookhaven,” Mayor J. Max Davis said.

To view the ordinance, visit

The above link does not take you directly to the ordinance.  It will take you to the unified city code, which means you have to search and sort to find the tree stuff.  Onebark has the full ordinance here.

To apply for the removal of trees, the permit application requires photo documentation, arborist certification, and evaluation of the remaining tree density.  …

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